Activities & Sightseing - Souris Hotel in Evia, Rovies

Activities & Sightseing

Suggested activities in north Evia island

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Hunting during the winter period
  • Wild mushrooms and herb collecting
  • Trekking in the forest
  • 4 wheel driving in the mountain via specific routes
  • Bird watching
  • Sailing
  • Wind surfing
  • Cycling

Visit suggestions in north Evia

  • Orthodox monastery of Saint David (13Km)
  • Orthodox monastery of Saint Irene’s Chrisovalandou (4Km)
  • Waterfalls of Drymona (17 Km)
  • Fossilized forest and museum of fossil mammals in Kerasia village (25Km)
  • Small town of Limni Evia (9 Km)
  • Edipsos city (18 Km)
  • Church of Saint John the Russian in Prokopi (40Km)
  • Orthodox monastery Galataki (Saint Nicholas) near Limni Evia (18Km)
  • Folklore museum of Limni and museum with traditional dresses (9Km)
  • Lichadonisia islands (via boat from Kavos Agios Georgios Lichada) (48Km)
  • Istiaia city and museum of Natural history in the town (28Km)
  • Horse riding centers in Taxiarchis and Kamatriades villages.
  • Plane forest of Kireas river in Mantoudi Evia (30Km)
  • Canyon of Nileas river in Agia Anna (28Km)
  • Olive grove of Rovies (1,5 Km)
  • Iraklis and Ambouria beach near Rovies

Drymona waterfalls: