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Enchanting location: Evia

Choose the Souris Hotel for your holidays and enjoy unique moments of relaxation at the flourishing nature of the island of Evia!!

Rovies - Evia

The village Rovies or Orobiai at its ancient name, is located 80 Km of north-westernly Chalkida that are also the capital of island. Built in the arc that they shape the Pinewood Mountains Telethrio and Rider and into an immense olive grove that it links their foot of mountain with the sea, is one from the most graphic and most beautifully seaside villages of Evia with endless beaches, crystal blue waters and lots of greenery. The popular beach that is found near (40 meters) the Hotel Souris is offered for swimming and unique moments of relaxation and jauntiness. But for those that seek quieter beaches can be visited in a beam of maximum 1 kilometer from the hotel.

In the centre of Rovies vilage, dominates imposing a Venetian Tower of medieval period that it built at about 1256 by William II Bileardouino testifying the history of this area. In the centre of village and in distance of 200 meters from Souris Hotel you can find a pharmacy, mini-market, bakery, café, as well as shops with goods of sea and goods of gifts. In the evening walks you can move cross the beach enjoying the marvellous sunset and admiring the view to the North Evian (Euboean) Gulf.

During your stay in Rovies explore natural beauties of north Evia, walk into forest paths, enjoy cycling or horse riding, visit folklore museums of the area and orthodox sights (Saint David monastery, Church of Saint John the Russian, Saint Nicholas monastery, Saint George monastery near Ilia Evia, etc.), drive 4x4 vehicles via specific routes, swim into deep blue waters, collect wild mushrooms in the forest and spend many hours of relaxation, tranquility or adventure.

Combine your stay in Rovies with small excursions knowing the beauties and the unique beauty landscapes of the North Evia Island. Edipsos, well known for medical baths, the famous Lichadonisia islands, Drymona waterfalls and many seaside or mountainous beautiful villages situated some kilometers away.
In Rovies there are about 1200 residents with main employment the tourism, the fishery and the olive-crop in a biological way.

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The Island of Evia

Evia or Euboea is the second largest island in Greece and it is an exceptional tourist destination for visitors of any age and during all the seasons of the year. The island of Evia characterized by natural beauties, it has a rich cultural heritage, local traditions and warm welcoming residents which offers an excellent hospitality and local greek cuisine to every guest.

Activities & Sightseing

Suggested activities in north Evia island and Visit suggestions in north Evia.

Religious sights

North Evia is a destination with a lot of well known orthodox sights where many pilgrims from Greece or other countries prefer to visit them all the periods of the year.

Access & Useful Telephones

How you can approach Rovies Village, some useful telephones and the nearest airports in Evia.

Events & cultural festivals

Topical festival in Rovies village (28 and 29 June) Cultural festival (July and August) Olive festival in Rovies (August) Festival of traditional dances (July and August)