The Island of Evia - Souris Hotel in Evia, Rovies

The Island of Evia

Evia or Euboea is the second largest island in Greece and it is an exceptional tourist destination for visitors of any age and during all the seasons of the year.  The island of Evia characterized by natural beauties, it has a rich cultural heritage, local traditions and warm welcoming residents which offers an excellent hospitality and local greek cuisine to every guest. Evia offers a unique and authentic natural environment, non effected by mass tourism. The latest years is a popular and new growingly destination for family holidays and alternative natural activities. The endless coasts of the island, the deep blue waters, the forests, the museums, the archaeological monuments and the awesome combination between the green mountains and the sea, make every visitor to love it.

Read about Rovies Village


The village Rovies or Orobiai at its ancient name, is located 80 Km of north-westernly Chalkida that are also the capital of island. Built in the arc that they shape the Pinewood Mountains Telethrio and Rider and into an immense olive grove that it links their foot of mountain with the sea, is one from the most graphic and most beautifully seaside villages of Evia with endless beaches, crystal blue waters and lots of greenery.