Restaurant - Souris Hotel in Evia, Rovies


Following traditional recipes of greek cuisine, Souris hotel restaurant in Rovies Evia island constitute an ideal choice for your gastronomical delight during your holidays. Tasteful mediterranean dishes, all cooked in a homemade way using local olive oil and pure ingredients coordinate with restaurant’s elegant elements of indoor and outdoor, combine a distinctive proposal for your lunch or your dinner. Start you day enjoying an authentic greek breakfast in the patio of hotel’s restaurant.

Relax in the afternoon or in the evening tasting homemade sweets, drinking a coffee or a cold drink in summer season. Dine with style and romance under the trellis of the restaurant and the discrete light of the candles. For the cold days of winter choose the snugness of the fireplace talking for endless hours and drinking a glass of wine with your company to our cozy and homey sitting room.