Hotel - Souris Hotel in Evia, Rovies


Souris Hotel is a family run charming and modern style hotel located in Rovies, a seaside village of north Evia island. Just few meters from the beach, hotel's comfortable rooms and Suites are fully equipped and provide high quality accommodation facilities and materials in a pure relaxing atmosphere. During their stay, guests would be able to taste unique homemade greek dishes served to our newly sophisticated bar - restaurant and greek homemade breakfast included pastries, jams, handmade pies and cakes, fresh juices and many local delicious products from our area. Enjoy your coffee or a cold drink in hotel’s bar indoor or outdoor shaded area with fresh smells of flowers around. Organize your wedding event or any event of your favorite club and let us make you feel like your home.

Souris hotel is an ideal proposal and a unique destination for family holidays or romantic weekend getaways in Evia island during specific seasons of the year.
Using Souris hotel as a starting point, our guests will enjoy the natural beauties of north Evia and activities such as cycling in the forest, trekking, fishing, birdwaching, wild mushroom collecting, 4 wheel driving via specific routes in the forest, wind surfing, sailing, etc. Hotel provides parking, garden, restaurant and outdoor playground for it’s small guests.